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Coromandel Peninsula excursion with a twist.

Our journey starts by travelling to Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula. You have the chance to stop and buy lunch on the way if you didn’t bring it with you.

Twin Kauri Trees
We stop at Tairua for a look at unique Twin Kauri Trees.

Have picnic lunch at Cathedral Cove, famous because it was the film location of “Cair Paravael” in Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardobe).

Hahei Beach
Our adventure continues to Hahei beach for photos, or walk on the beach.

Hot Water Beach if time permits.
In the afternoon, we travel to Hot Water Beach. Our guide will make sure that we arrive as close to low tide as possible. This means we can dig a spa in the sand or get REALLY hot feet! All this is possible due to geothermal activity bringing lava-heated water to the surface in a natural spring.

After a great day, we leave Coromandel to return back to your ship on time everytime.

*Times are approximate, please allow for variances in times due to unforeseen situations and depending on options chosen

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Vessel Name Agent LOA (m) Tonnage (tons) Arrival Date Estimated
Time of
Time of
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21605 October 201805:1517:30
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86515 October 201806:4518:30
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21622 October 201806:1518:00
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21624 October 201807:0019:00
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49905 November 201807:0019:00
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89707 November 201807:4519:45
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66609 November 201805:0016:45
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89709 November 201807:0317:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21613 November 201806:0018:00
Caledonian SkyISS McKAY914,20013 November 201807:0319:03
** Spirit of New ZealandSONZ4518413 November 201816:0308:03
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86516 November 201807:3019:45
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87818 November 201808:0318:03
** Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87822 November 201807:1518:03
Sun PrincessISS McKAY26277,44125 November 201805:0017:00
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21628 November 201807:3019:30
Pacific ExplorerISS McKAY26277,44129 November 201806:4518:45
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86529 November 201807:1519:15
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09030 November 201806:3618:36
MaasdamISS McKAY21955,57501 December 201806:3617:36
Seven Seas MarinerISS McKAY21648,07501 December 201808:0019:45
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09003 December 201805:4521:16
Caledonian SkyISS McKAY914,20003 December 201807:0018:00
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66603 December 201807:0318:03
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49904 December 201806:4518:45
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50205 December 201807:0316:03
Sun PrincessISS McKAY26277,44108 December 201804:3016:30
** MaasdamISS McKAY21955,57509 December 201807:1818:06
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87811 December 201808:0318:00
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86512 December 201807:4519:45
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87814 December 201807:1517:21
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21617 December 201804:3016:15
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21619 December 201806:1518:00
Caledonian SkyISS McKAY914,20021 December 201806:1519:00
Caledonian SkyISS McKAY914,20024 December 201809:1523:30
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66629 December 201809:2321:23
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86530 December 201808:0020:15
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50201 January 201909:0317:03
MaasdamISS McKAY21955,57503 January 201907:1518:00
Seabourn EncoreISS McKAY21041,86505 January 201907:3019:06
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49905 January 201908:0019:30
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21607 January 201905:0017:00
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09009 January 201908:2420:24
Sun PrincessISS McKAY26277,44114 January 201907:0019:15
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87816 January 201908:0318:03
Caledonian SkyISS McKAY914,20017 January 201906:0318:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21617 January 201909:4522:00
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86518 January 201906:4518:30
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87819 January 201907:1518:00
** Azamara QuestISS McKAY18130,27719 January 201917:0318:03
Seabourn EncoreISS McKAY21041,86521 January 201907:1218:12
Silver MuseISS McKAY21340,70021 January 201908:0019:15
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50222 January 201907:0316:03
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09023 January 201906:1818:18
Seabourn EncoreISS McKAY21041,86523 January 201907:1218:12
Azamara QuestISS McKAY18130,27724 January 201909:0318:03
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09026 January 201906:1518:15
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66628 January 201907:0319:45
RegattaISS McKAY18130,27728 January 201907:0317:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21629 January 201908:3020:45
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49929 January 201909:0021:15
Carnival SpiritISS McKAY29385,92003 February 201907:1515:00
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50208 February 201908:1319:03
** AlbatrosISS McKAY20628,51808 February 201918:1519:15
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66609 February 201907:1517:00
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21610 February 201907:1517:30
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89710 February 201908:3318:00
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09011 February 201906:1818:18
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87811 February 201907:1519:00
** EuropaISS McKAY19928,43712 February 201907:1508:00
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89712 February 201907:1517:03
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87813 February 201908:0318:03
RegattaISS McKAY18130,27714 February 201907:4617:46
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09015 February 201905:1517:00
Le LaperouseISS McKAY1329,90015 February 201907:1518:00
Silver MuseISS McKAY21340,70016 February 201911:1522:00
Caledonian SkyISS McKAY914,20017 February 201906:1519:00
ColumbusISS McKAY24663,78617 February 201906:4517:30
RegattaISS McKAY18130,27717 February 201907:1516:00
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66619 February 201908:0019:45
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86520 February 201909:0020:45
Azamara QuestISS McKAY18130,27720 February 201909:0318:03
Queen VictoriaISS McKAY29490,04922 February 201907:0320:21
Viking OrionWilhelmsen Ships Ser22747,80022 February 201910:3018:45
Azamara QuestISS McKAY18130,27723 February 201907:1517:30
Viking OrionWilhelmsen Ships Ser22747,80026 February 201907:1515:00
AmsterdamISS McKAY23862,73527 February 201907:0318:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21601 March 201904:0016:00
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86502 March 201906:3018:15
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21603 March 201907:3019:15
Costa LuminosaISS McKAY29492,72004 March 201906:1517:30
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49905 March 201909:0020:45
** AmadeaISS McKAY19029,00807 March 201916:1518:00
Europa 2ISS McKAY22642,83009 March 201907:0318:00
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89709 March 201909:0318:00
Seabourn EncoreISS McKAY21041,86510 March 201906:5417:54
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09010 March 201907:4817:48
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89711 March 201907:1517:15
Seabourn EncoreISS McKAY21041,86512 March 201907:3017:30
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87815 March 201908:1518:03
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66616 March 201906:3616:36
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86518 March 201906:4518:45
Le LaperouseISS McKAY1329,90019 March 201906:1517:00
** Crystal SymphonyISS McKAY23851,04420 March 201911:4320:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21621 March 201908:3020:30
** Crystal SymphonyISS McKAY23851,04425 March 201905:3000:01
Radiance Of The SeasISS McKAY29390,09028 March 201907:1218:12
** Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87830 March 201908:0318:03
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86531 March 201906:0017:45
Le LaperouseISS McKAY1329,90006 April 201906:1517:00
MaasdamISS McKAY21955,57513 April 201906:3617:36
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86515 April 201909:0020:45
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89716 April 201907:0318:03
MaasdamISS McKAY21955,57506 October 201908:0318:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21608 October 201905:0017:15
Ruby PrincessISS McKAY289113,56116 October 201907:0318:03
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86520 October 201908:0619:06
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66603 November 201907:0318:03
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87806 November 201908:0318:03
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87809 November 201907:0318:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21609 November 201907:1519:00
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49912 November 201907:1519:15
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21622 November 201905:0017:00
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89722 November 201906:1818:18
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89724 November 201908:0317:03
** Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87830 November 201907:0317:24
Ruby PrincessISS McKAY289113,56130 November 201907:0318:03
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86502 December 201906:1518:03
Sea PrincessISS McKAY26177,49903 December 201906:4519:00
Celebrity SolsticeISS McKAY317121,87804 December 201907:0318:03
Ovation of the SeasISS McKAY348168,66609 December 201907:0318:03
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50210 December 201908:0319:03
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50212 December 201908:0316:03
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86515 December 201907:0318:00
Silver MuseISS McKAY21340,70019 December 201908:0318:03
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89720 December 201908:0319:03
Silver MuseISS McKAY21340,70021 December 201908:4517:00
NoordamISS McKAY28682,89722 December 201905:4215:42
AidaauraISS McKAY20342,28924 December 201908:0319:03
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21626 December 201908:3020:15
Ruby PrincessISS McKAY289113,56126 December 201908:3020:15
Golden PrincessISS McKAY290108,86528 December 201905:3017:15
Majestic PrincessISS McKAY330144,21628 December 201910:1521:45
Norwegian JewelISS McKAY29493,50230 December 201907:0018:06
Ruby PrincessISS McKAY289113,56131 December 201905:4516:36
Note: All ETAs and ETDs are advised but can be subject to change.